Vendel Rising: a serialized novel


New Terra Histories by Malita s’Lissa s’vlor

“To understand your enemies, you must first let go of your hatred. Only then may you forgive. Only then may you understand.”

May 31, 2136

Simple words for philosophers who know nothing of suffering. Pompous fools! I’m certain they never had to walk the path of forgiveness. What I will tell you is this…

That path? It’s lined with incredible pain. Never think otherwise. I have lived it. The day the Vendel invaded my world is a memory that will never leave me. It’s the day I lived. The day I died. It’s the day everything changed. The Vendel defeated me. Broke me. They destroyed me. I hated them. I didn’t want to forgive them. I didn’t care to understand them.
All I wanted was my revenge. What I got instead was something I never imagined possible…

This is my story.


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